Our Facilities

We shall endeavour to describe the high quality facilities that are a key feature at the Old School House Nursery, but in all honesty we could never do them justice and a visit is probably the only way to appreciate them. The building, which has undergone extensive modernisation, was originally a school for the village of Pen-Y-Fai and it is fitting that having had a variety of uses, the building has once again returned to provide for the early education and development of young children. The nursery, which opened in February 2001, provides childcare and educational development for children aged from 6 weeks to 5 years of age. We are open 52 weeks a year from 730am until 6pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays and Christmas holidays. We have our own 9 seater ‘Little Fun Bus’ which allows us to take the children out for planned and spontaneous trips out!.. We regularly attend a residential home with the children and share special times with our elderly friends, who love us visiting! For extra security, the Nursery is monitored 24/7 by 22 CCTV cameras which are located indoors and outdoors. We also have a biometric door entry system which allows us to verify and check the identity of visitors prior to them entering the Nursery building.


Just inside the main entrance is the children’s cloakroom, where each child has a personalised bag to hold their clothes and belongings. The toilets and wash hand basins are junior sized, encouraging children to develop essential personal hygiene skills. There is a nappy changing station complete with steps to allow the children easy access. The privacy of all children when intimate care is being provided is fully respected (There is a CCTV camera installed in the nappy changing area. The CCTV Camera installed does not pose a risk to a child’s privacy or dignity and are used purely for the protection and safeguarding of children, staff and visitors to the Nursery).

Main Hall

A spacious room leading from cloakroom into the designated Parent’s waiting area. We do not allow outdoor shoes to be worn indoors and ask that footwear is removed or shoe covers used prior to entering the main part of the nursery. A large area where children romp and play in safety, learning the essential social skills, which stem from mixing with other children while receiving the full care and attention of the nursery staff. There are plenty of toys and activity areas, to entertain and stimulate the children, including a computer complete with numerous educational games to develop the children’s IT skills, spelling, reading, mathematics and Welsh. All of our other rooms lead off this superb area, which acts as a central focal point for the whole nursery.

Baby Room

A separate little haven for young babies, with a nappy changing station, complete with two changing mats and an in built baby bath/shower. A fully supervised quiet area for tired children to rest or sleep in peace. When they are awake and active there are plenty of toys and activities to stimulate even the youngest of children. Including their own decked garden area, with canopy suitable for sunny and wet days. The babies also have access to all other areas of the Nursery to romp and play, learning essential gross motor skills such as taking their first steps.


Dining Room/Messy Room

Where children are served a variety of nutritious and balanced meals, which are freshly prepared in our own purpose built kitchen, by our own qualified kitchen staff they are safely prepared, of good quality and appropriate in quantity following recommendations in Welsh Government Food and Health Guidelines for Early Years and Child Care. Special dietary needs and allergies can therefore easily be catered for if required. Any meals/refreshment prepared for children with allergies/dietary requirements are recorded and signed by both cook and staff member to ensure absolute safety. Children with allergies/dietary requirements are provided with purple plates, bowls and beakers to act as a visual reminder for all staff. We have set meal and refreshment times, which are arranged to provide sociable opportunities for children, using appropriate tables, seating, crockery and cutlery.  The dining room also doubles as a ‘messy room’, where children take part in essential creative activities such as painting. There is restricted access to the kitchen for children (no children are allowed access for safety reasons). The kitchen conforms to environmental health and food safety regulations. Fresh drinking water is freely available for all children.


Reading Room/Quiet Room

This rooms helps maintain the balance between working, resting and playing. Those little periods or rest and relaxation are an essential part of any child’s well-being and development, this room is the ideal retreat for those quieter moments. This room also doubles up as our sleep room and sensory room for all children to use.


Outside Play Areas

Whenever the weather permits, we encourage our children to spend to spend time outdoors, taking part in organised or random activities. The nursery has a purpose built play area, with swings and slides, which has been professionally designed and constructed, providing a safe play environment. There is also a rear lawn, with large play house and play equipment, to stimulate and encourage creative playing activities. The nursery provides children with all-weather suits if the weather isn’t kind and sun cream during the warmer weather to ensure children have the best opportunities of exploring the outdoors and gaining new experiences.

Forest Rangers/Pre-School Cabin

We have extended our play areas utilising all the space we have in the Nursery to create our Forest Rangers Garden and Pre-School Cabin.  The Wooden cabin is purpose built to house all aspects of the Foundation Phase Curriculum. Our Forest Rangers Garden lies beyond the play areas allowing the children to explore, discover, plant and grow their own produce as well as investigate the Pirate Ship through willow tunnels and teepee’s to hide!. Children can practice their balancing skills, make marks and mud pies, whilst investigating all the minibeasts in our bug hotel. Children are encouraged to explore nature and take safe risks.. we even have our own Fire Pit! We aim to follow the ethos of Forest School by giving children an area which is rich in nature and many forms of wildlife can also be observed and discussed. The children take part in a wide range of outdoor activities to promote all seven areas of learning, ensuring they are immersed in education through fun and free play.

Peace of Mind

One of our major priorities is the safety and security of the children in our care. Whether our children are playing, learning, dining or resting, they are under constant supervision. Visitors or parents can only be admitted to our premises by our video door entry system and for added security, the building is protected indoors and outdoors by CCTV cameras. The building also has a biometric fingerprint door entry system in place which allows restricted access to authorised personnel only. In the event of an emergency, we have procedures in place to ensure the protection of staff and children and carry out regular Fire Drills and Reverse Fire Drills in order to promote the safety and welfare of all parties. Emergency Contact Files are kept within the office and updated on a regular basis to ensure essential details are secure and easily accessible if the need arises.