Infants Room Rota / Group Schedule

Times Room L.O. Activity
7.30-8.30 am Messy room PSE creative Settling in, breakfast
8.30 – 9.30am Quiet Room Creative L&L, K&U, maths Song time, story time, small world play, jigsaws, puzzles, Circle Time, Registration, Ffa La La, Busy Feet
930 – 10 am Messy Room Phys, L&L,  PSE Snack Time
10 – 10.30am Quiet Room L&L, K&U, PSE Messy play, books, jigsaws, ICT, Number, Story Time
10.30 – 11.30am Main hall, outdoor play PSE, K&U, L&L physical Small world play, free play, gross motor skills, Art & Craft
11.30am – 12.15pm Wash hands – LUNCH
12.15 – 2pm Sleep room, Quiet room PSE physical Quiet time, sleep time, free play, session change
2 pm – 3 pm Main Hall, outdoor play PSE creative, L&L physical Art & craft, free play, ICT, Number
3 pm – 3.30 pm Wash hands – TEA (Messy room)
3.30 – 4pm Quiet room K&U creative, PSE, L&L Small world play, role play, story time, Calendar
4 pm –  5 pm Outdoor Play Creative L&L, physical Instruments music & movement, Physical Play, Gross Motor Skills
5 – 6pm Messy Pen PSE, C, P&S Free Play, Quiet Time
Infants – children’s needs are accommodated during the day e.g. nappy change, toilet training, refreshments

Juniors Room Rota / Group Schedule

Times Room L.O. Activity
7.30-8.30 am Messy Room PSE Settling in, breakfast
8.30 – 930 am Main Hall L&L, maths, creative Small world play, mark making, Construction, M&M, ICT
930 – 10 am Quiet room/Messy Room L&L, K&U, PSE Welsh, calendar, phonics, alphabet, circle time, Mark Making, Song Time, Welsh
10 – 10.30am Messy Room Snack Time Snack Time
10.30 – 11.30am Outdoor Play L&L physical, creative, maths Art & craft, messy play, Table Top activities
11.30am – 12.15pm TV Room – Story Time, Wash hands for lunch
12.15 – 1pm Messy Room LUNCH LUNCH
1 – 2 pm Main hall, outdoor play PSE, L&L, creative, K&U Quiet Time, Sleep Time, Outdoors
2.30 – 3pm Messy Pen – Dress Up. Role Play, Small World, Mark Making
3 – 3.30 pm Quiet Room Physical, creative, L&L Maths, Flashcards, Song Time, Ffa La La, Busy Feet
3.45 – 4.15 pm Messy Room Wash Hands TEA
4 – 5pm Main Hall, outdoor play Physical, PSE, L&L ICT, Maths, Construction, Free Play
5 – 6pm – Quiet Room – Quiet Time, Home Time
Juniors – children’s individual needs are accommodated for during the day e.g. nappy changing, toileting, refreshments