rhysmorganoutdoorsEducation is quite naturally an area of major concern for most parents and hopefully we can allay any worries regarding your child’s educational development. In an atmosphere of inclusive learning, each child under our care follows a weekly structure based on a ‘theme’, to enable them to develop the learning outcomes specific to their ability and age.

Through focused tasks, continuous and enhanced provision, children will have opportunities to achieve all the skills and outcomes through the framework of the Foundation Phase.

Tallulah1stBday1_editedThey are as follows:-

DSC06795All of these opportunities will be available to all of the children in our care. Each child will receive a progress report which records and displays the evidence of their development, including the Foundation Phase skills and outcomes for pre-school children.

Basic Welsh is taught and encouraged from an early age. As a nursery we strive not only to meet but to exceed all the standards set by ESTYN, and the Care Inspectorate Wales. We believe in reflective practice and constantly seek feedback from parents and staff to improve the environment for your children.

To view our most recent Estyn Inspection Report, please click on the following link:-  Estyn Report

To view our CIW Reports, please click on the following link to view the Care Directory. Once you enter Old School House Nursery, all our Inspection Reports will be listed:- CIW Reports