DSC01483Staff at ‘The Old School House Nursery’ constantly assess the children to monitor how they are progressing towards the early learning skills and intentions. They identify the child’s strengths and weaknesses and plan an appropriate curriculum specifically tailored to that child. ESTYN and other agencies monitor this through inspections.

Each child has their own record which holds material such as an early years development record and relevant information on the growth, health and development of that child, as well as recording any significant achievements or milestones.

ThomasSRecords may also contain samples of the children’s work such as paintings and examples of progress, these records can be passed on to parents, schools or other agencies if required.

Ultimately, what we aim to provide for the children is love and comfort, encouragement and praise, plenty of room and equipment to play, learn and have fun, protection from danger and the security to play freely in a safe and friendly learning environment. At the end of a child’s time at ‘The Old School House Nursery’, we hope to have developed the children and allowed them to gain experience, confidence, abilities and social awareness in preparation for their next step, which may be school.