Activities at Old School House Nursery

Look at some of the fun things we get up to!



Fun in the ball pool!


Watering the plants in our Secret Garden! We love planting seeds and watching our plants grow into things we can eat!


We love getting messy.. we learn all about different textures, colours and love sensory play!


We love to sing and dance in English and Welsh.. our favourite singing activity is Ffa La La..


We are given the opportunity to use lots of different things to make marks with.. it helps us develop and have fun at the same time!


We LOVE being outdoors.. we have lots and lots of outside space.. we especially love our Forest Rangers garden.. it’s wild, wonderful and we learn all about nature too!


Even our babies have lots of fresh air and plenty of experiences outdoors!.. it’s the best way to be healthy and have fun too!


We love water play.. especially when we add bubbles and sparkles to it!.. we have so much fun playing outdoors..


We learn to drive cars.. but not real ones as we are not old enough!.. we learn all about road safety and sometimes have visits from the Police who tell us all about being safe too!


Bubbles make us laugh.. because we can catch them as they float down slowly.. we get very excited when we have bubble play!


In our Pre-School Cabin we learn lots of new skills and make lots of marks too.. all our drawings and artwork are put up for everyone to see.. we even get to take them home too.. everyone is so proud of what we can achieve! We can do our learning inside or outside.. we have so much space to play..


Peek-A-Boo.. I see you!.. our play park turns into lots of fun things.. like a Pirate Ship, The Billy Goats Gruff bridge and we use our imaginations to make lots of stories and games.. this makes being outside so much fun!… We have slides, swings, things to climb, balancing beams, shapes, numbers and letters outside too.. so much for us to look at!


We love sensory play and experience lots of different textures and materials.. sometimes we get really messy, but it’s ok because we wear aprons.. we love making lots of mess and having fun!


We love books and have lots and lots to choose from.. some books make noises and some we have to lift up the flaps to see what is underneath.. we have lots of opportunity to choose our own books and sit quietly or join in with our friends.. the choice is all ours.. sometimes we take out stories outside and act them out.. We love the Bear Hunt and the Gruffalo!!

DSC01007 - Copy

Look how brilliant I am on the swing.. I can make it move myself.. I have learned how to do this in Nursery… we always take it in turns and share with our friends too.. some friends love to push us on the swings.. it is really funny!


We have our very own Mud Kitchen.. so we make lots of mud pies and learn how you can mix mud and water together.. we try and make our teachers eat it.. but they only pretend!.. We see lots of minibeasts in our Bug Hotel and we look after them because they are very special.. we see lots of things in our Forest Rangers Garden that are interesting.. we even light fires in our Fire Pit and learn how important it is to be safe!.. we even make our own popcorn on the fire..